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Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Information

Welcome to our new information and interior design psychology ideas for your kitchen and bathroom remodeling projects.

Free Kitchen and Bathroom Makeover Help: You are welcome to send us your pictures of your kitchens and bathrooms for feedback. Send your pictures to Jeanette Fisher at her gmail address because they get through spam filters. Email pictures. For our free decorating advice, you agree to let us post before and after pictures on this website.

Kitchen Remodeling on a Budget
You can also save lots of interest charges and years of payments by remodeling your kitchen a little at time and paying as you go. Budget Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling Pictures See the before pictures of Jeanette Fisher's kitchen remodeling project.

Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

New article: Remodeling Powder Rooms for Maximum Effect on Visitors
Remodeling or redecorating your powder room, which is the bathroom your guests will most often see (as opposed to your master bathroom, which is strictly for you) takes some thought and careful planning in order to create a strong positive impression on visitors to your home. Here are a few tips to bear in mind as you go about creating an impressive powder room. Remodeling Powder Rooms

How to Create a Luxurious Bathroom
If you're thinking about remodeling your bathroom, think about some new bathroom features to make your life easier and more enjoyable! Bathroom Remodeling Designs

Before you can begin a bathroom remodel, you need organization! Take back control of your clutter bathroom. Then, you can begin your bathroom remodel with fresh eyes to give you inspiration and ideas. Bathroom Remodeling Ideas: Organization

Want the designers touch in your bathroom remodeling design? How to achieve that interior designer's high-end look without charging up your credit cards. Bathroom Remodeling Design

Remodeling the bathroom is one of the most often tackled projects when it comes to updating a home, but it can get to be quite a spendy endeavor. If you're one of those folks who are looking to remodel the bathroom in your home but are put off by the price tag, consider remodeling in stages. Bathroom Remodeling on a Budget

When you begin to think about remodeling your home, it's easy to go overboard, tackle too much, or overspend. However, if you follow a few basic home remodeling rules, you can avoid those difficulties. Here are some things to think about--even before you begin your remodeling project. Home Remodeling Design

Wood Floor Refinishing Tips

Coming soon: Free ebook for interior design psychology newsletter readers. Get ideas for your bathroom remodeling.

Also, Home Remodeling Checklist for readers.

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