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Bathroom Organization 201

By Jeanette Joy Fisher

It can be a frustrating task, but since bathrooms are so often used, it's vital to keep them organized if you're going to enjoy your home to its fullest. In our first article, we talked about some ideas for getting started. In this one, we'll continue to offer suggestions on how you can regain control of your home's bathroom clutter.

Let's begin with medicines. It's common for folks to store the family's various medicines in the bathroom, but if storage space is limited, there's no written rule that says medicines HAVE to be stored in the bathroom. In fact, there's research to show that bathroom actually may not be the best places to store medicines, anyway, since the heat and steamy conditions that are generally found in bathrooms can actually lessen the effectiveness of various medicines over time. If your medicines are in the bathroom, consider moving them to the kitchen or to another area where there's more room. Making that one change can free up a considerable amount of space in your bathroom.

Small bathroom remodel picture-after.


Small bathroom with "medicine chest" used for grooming aids. Other remodeling touches: fresh coat of creamy yellow paint, new pedestal sink and faucet, new lighting, and towel bar.





Next, turn your attention to organizing drawers. There are a great many tools that have come on the market to help organize drawers. We talked about baskets in the last article, but there are a number of other mini-compartment types of items available that can help you organize your drawers more effectively. Just go into a department store, or even into a bathroom décor shop, since they're becoming more available in malls. You'll find lots of ideas for making your drawers work more efficiently.

Countertops are always a concern when it comes to decluttering a bathroom, and the more things you can get off the counters, the better. There are swing-out kinds of organizers available that go under the sink that can hold many items that often end up cluttering countertops. You'll have a number of choices here when you visit a bathroom boutique, too. That's because clutter bathrooms are one of the top complaints of homeowners across America. The demand was there, and stores sprang up to fill it.

A storage space that is often underutilized is the back of the bathroom door, yet there are various racks available that just clamp onto the door, allowing you to store all kinds of bath-oriented items, including towels and washcloths.

If you have room for them, consider storing the excess shampoo, conditioner, or body lotions left over after you've filled smaller containers from large economy-sized bottles in the refrigerator. It will get those large bottles out of the bathroom, and the liquid in them will also last longer.

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