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Bathroom Remodeling Design

Want the Designer's Touch in Your Bathroom?
By Jeanette Joy Fisher

Have you ever wondered how to achieve that interior designer's high-end look without charging up your credit cards?

Bathroom Remodeling Designer's Tub

Many new development homes come with large corner bathtubs that look plain surrounded in white. Sometimes home owners wait years before decorating their main bathroom to make the space reflect their personal choice in design details. Often, that's because they just don't know where to begin.


Here are some ways to get the designer's look in your bathroom remodeling:

  • Add wood molding around the bathtub
  • Upgrade your bathroom faucets to brass or copper
  • Paint the walls in vibrant colors
  • Add tile or stone backsplash
  • Place a houseplant on the bathtub shelf
  • Install a gorgeous sink instead of the developer's choice

Get the most from your bathroom remodeling dollars with great interior design. 

Three Bathroom Remodeling Tips

1.  Start with Color Psychology. 

Think about how you want the person using the space to feel.

Creamy yellows warm up the cold, hard surfaces necessary for bathrooms.



Children's bathrooms designed in blue and white bring calmness and look clean. Powder rooms designed in dramatic colors make the person feel important and beautiful. Main bedroom bathrooms designed in soothing greens create a Florida spring vacation feeling while bathrooms designed with reds feel sensuous.

2.  Plan for emotional support with patterns.

Stripes make you feel organized and help children feel like keeping their remodeled bathroom clean.  Patterns based on water like the sea or a lake add refreshing emotional support. If you entertain often at night, a powder room with sophisticated swirls adds to a party atmosphere. 

3.  Copy great interior designers -   use textures.

Bathrooms tend to feel hard and cold because of all the shiny, cold, and sleek surfaces. Counter the hardness with plenty of soft fluffy towels, rugs for the feet, and hand towels.


Whatever your bathroom remodeling budget, use good design. Think about your emotional needs when choosing your design details and you're sure to make the right decisions. Interior design psychology ideas will help you with your bathroom remodeling design.

Joy to your bathroom remodeling!

Copyright  2006 Jeanette J. Fisher

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