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Are you ready for a room or home makeover? You've come to the right place for innovative interior design psychology ideas. Check back soon to see our new articles by Jeanette Fisher and guests. We're adding fresh interior design pictures, too.

Interior Design Psychology Articles

Daydreaming Helps You Plan a Home Makeover
Most home makers enjoy shopping for that perfect accessory, daydreaming about colors for our rooms, and planning a new look for our home. Try this simple exercise to help with your home makeover projects.
Home Makeover Help: Daydreaming Helps You Design a Better Home

Wood Floor Woes?
Sometimes people tell me that they spend hours (and sometimes days or weeks) refinishing an older hardwood floor, only to find that there are now cloudy or white stripes between the boards. It can be very frustrating, but it can be avoided.
Wood Floor Refinishing Tips

Selecting from a gentle radiance, a warm glow, to a bright, intense light involves understanding the effects of lighting on our emotions. These home lighting tips, based on lighting psychology, will help with your home makeover. Home Lighting Tips

Support Your Sense of Smell in Your Home Design
Although it's not generally known, our sense of smell is the one we human beings use more than any other. Our olfactory senses have a profound impact on our emotions.
Aroma Therapy Promotes Happiness in Your Home

Home Makeover Tips for Everyday Pleasure and Joy
Because psychologists relate true happiness to joyous occurrences happening frequently, decorate your home to promote everyday pleasures. Interior Design Psychology Ideas for Joyful Living

Some Novel Uses for Common Household Products
This article may not fit in with interior design psychology; however, good design starts with a clean house. Many household products can function well in areas quite different from their initial intended uses. Here are a few examples:
Jeanette Fisher's Strange Home Cleaning Tips

Strange Uses for Common Household Products
You don't have to spend big money on specialized products when oftentimes the same results can be gained by adapting common household products. Strange Household Tips

Houseplants soothe the emotions because of their visual impact. Besides being naturally appealing, interior house plants filter your air naturally.
Add House Plants to Your Home Makeover Plan

Should you decorate like you see in magazine and book illustrations? Where does your home makeover inspiration come from? Use these interior design psychology tips:

Ready to make changes in your home?
Start with a bedroom makeover and you'll FEEL fabulous, plus you can make your bedroom flatter you!
Three Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Want the designers touch in your bathroom remodeling design? How to achieve that interior designer's high-end look without charging up your credit cards. Bathroom Remodeling Design By Jeanette Joy Fisher

Getting ready to sell your home?  Learn how to get more money and sell fast! Home Staging with Interior Design Psychology

Upcoming interior design psychology articles:

How to Arrange Furniture for Happy Living

Color Psychology and Preferences

How to Choose Accessories for Emotional Support

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