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Home Makeover Tips for Everyday Pleasure and Joy

If you're planning a home makeover, provide for the cumulative total of all the little pleasure moments.

Interior Design Psychology Ideas for Joyful Living
By Jeanette Joy Fisher

Because psychologists relate true happiness to joyous occurrences happening frequently, decorate your home to promote everyday pleasures.

When people rate their happiness, it is the ratio of pleasant to unpleasant emotions and experiences that count. These happy experiences may be simple pleasurable, everyday happenings, not always grand events.

Interior Design Psychology, a new method for residential interior and exterior design starts with planning spaces to support emotional well-being. Homes decorated to support desired emotions create happy spaces for joyful living.





Interior Design Psychology Ideas for Pleasure

  1. A tea table in the Main Bedroom provides an intimate space for conversation or individual reflection.
  2.  A reading nook provides a quiet space for escape.
  3. A game table provides a place for playing together.
  4.  A meandering pathway in the garden provides an enticement to stroll.
  5. A garden bed provides the perfect place for relaxing and leisurely afternoon naps.

I mean a real bed, not a flower bed, although you need flowers too!

Let your imagination flow freely, enjoy the process, and focus on your goal of providing pleasurable daily moments at your home.

Joy to you!

Check back! I'll post a picture of our "garden bed!" It's my favorite reading spot.

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