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About Jeanette Fisher


To get to know me, you might like to know what my dream home looks like. I'd like nothing better than to escape to a tropical paradise. Because I'd miss my grand babies, I stay close to home.


I believe that good home design doesn't have to cost a lot of money. In fact, because I think that people should invest in their future through real estate investing, I don't think they should spend much on their home design. In other words, if you have to charge home improvements and furnishings, stop and think first.

You don't need to throw everything in your home away to makeover your home for happiness. Explore ways to get the designer's look on a dime. More importantly, learn how to decorate your home to support your emotional well-being for your unique needs.

Since this page is supposed to tell you about me...

I got married when I was a teenager and beat the odds. My husband Brian takes care of me so I can write. We have seven children and seven grand babies, so far. Our baby is 6'4" and loves to travel with us except he hates flying coach.

Click on the picture to see Atlantic Beach picture Brett took when we went to Philadelphia. You might like to read about Philadelphia from "A Californian's Perspective of Philadelphia."

I loved teaching interior design students but hated grading. My husband taught special ed. Today, we buy fixer houses and fix them for fun and profit. We love the freedom we've found working when we feel like it. (Can you tell I'm into feelings?)

Because my name can be spelled too many ways, I have websites for my books and topics. Radio show hosts can't say "Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars: Using Design Psychology to Increase Real Estate Profits."  Therefore, I have many sites just for that one book.  "Doghouse to Dollhouse for Dollars" consistently sells well on Amazon.

If you want to sell your home, my latest book Home Staging with Design Psychology: Sell Your Home for Top Dollar--Fast is now available on Amazon, too.

I wish you happiness, health, and prosperity.

P. S. For the official press website, please see Jeanette Houseplants for home makeovers!

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