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Remodeling Powder Rooms for Maximum Effect on Visitors

By Jeanette Joy Fisher

Remodeling or redecorating your powder room, which is the bathroom your guests will most often see (as opposed to your master bathroom, which is strictly for you) takes some thought and careful planning in order to create a strong positive impression on visitors to your home. Here are a few tips to bear in mind as you go about creating an impressive powder room.

First, be consistent in your choice of materials, styles, and colors. It's important that the things you add to your powder room blend with the style and period of your home. If you live in a Victorian home, for instance, don't try to turn your powder room into an ultra-modern spectacular. Stay within the dictates of your home's overall feel and style, and work with it to create an inviting atmosphere. Don't try to transform your powder room into something it's not. It will be disconcerting to your guests because it will feel incongruous.

Since you want your guests to be impressed, keep them in mind when remodeling your powder room. Use well designed, functional materials and fixtures, because they'll say something positive about you. For instance, consider providing a space where female visitors can set their handbags, such as an open countertop or shelf. It's a subtle way to let them know you're interested in their comfort and convenience.

Keep the mood in your powder room light and inviting. Use bright, shiny, low maintenance materials on countertops. For instance, quartz countertops are easy to take care of and always looks shiny and clean. Your goal is to create a feeling of cleanliness and comfort without constantly having to clean countertops in your powder room.

Fill the powder room with plenty of light. Given the choice, it's better to err on the side of too much light. You can always add a dimmer switch if someone doesn't care for the brightness in the room. Great-looking light fixtures are one of the least expensive things you can do to make a dramatic statement in a powder room. A lighted switch by the door is also a nice addition, and will be especially appreciated by visitors who've never been to your home before. It will allow them to easily find the lights upon their first visit to the powder room.

Another relatively inexpensive way to make a large difference is to pay close attention to the walls. They're generally much smaller than the walls in other parts of your home, so they'll take much less effort to paint. You can make a bolder statement with your painting color scheme without overwhelming your guests. Because guests spend little time in the powder room, bold colors make a lasting impact and make your guest look great. People look beautiful surrounded by color.

Splurge on a new mirror, especially if you have an old small medicine chest above the sink -- the type with a stainless steal frame. These old-fashioned medicine cabinets really date a home. Replace with a mirror spanning the wall all the way up to the ceiling. Or, look for an extra large framed mirror and paint the frame to match your colors.

It may be a small room, but your powder room can create a powerful impression on your guests, so give it careful consideration when you begin your remodeling project.

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